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8 Top Tips on Blogging for Business

I recently attended an excellent seminar on Blogging for Business, given by Kate Miranda, Group Editor of Time & Leisure magazines. My aim was to brush up my skills and to find out what the main concerns for business owners are when it comes to blogging.

An audience of small business owners had gathered who wanted to learn more about blogging and how blogging could help their businesses grow. You can benefit from reading the shortcuts here...

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‘What should I talk about?’ ‘How do I promote my blog?’ and many other important questions were addressed.

8 Top Tips on Blogging for Business

I came away with several important points and I’ve distilled these here for you.   Here is my top tips from a well delivered tutorial on Blogging for Business…

1. Know your audience and talk specifically to them. You can’t please all of the people all of the time so picture the ones who you do want to influence and focus on them. Think about what they will find interesting to read, then write just for them – not what product you might want to promote this week.

2. Find a voice and be consistent. Many websites lack personality and this is where a blog can shine through. People like dealing with people, so drop the corporate speak and start talking as if in conversation – as long as it suits your business and your audience!

3. Keep it short and interesting. If you can’t be bothered to read it no one else will either.

4. Keywords. Think about what your audience might search for and then include these in your blog to increase the chance of your blog being found.

5. Promote your blog via your newsletter and posts on social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and whatever other platforms you use for your business

6. Talk to your audience. When you are short on ideas listen to what questions your customers ask, then use these as subjects for your next blog.

7. Pictures. Use images to increase the visual appeal.

8. Don’t forget the Call-to-Action. You wrote the blog because you wanted something to happen so tell your audience what you want them to do next, whether that’s to direct them to your website or give them a phone number to call.

The enthusiasm of my fellow bloggers was great but blogging does take time.  If you want to increase visibilty of your business (and your website) blogging for business is a great tool. However if time is one thing you lack, call us now on 020 8819 6012. We'll be glad to help.

Call us now on: 020 8819 6012

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