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Blogging. What should professional service firms talk about?

How do architects and other professional practices consistently generate ‘content’ (that’s the words to you and me) that will be of interest and relevance to your audience?

Here are 7 great tips on generating content, aimed primarily at architects but relevant to any professional practice, by Katie Sanner of It was too good not to share. Read the full article here

1. Get Linked! Join LinkedIn Groups where your target audience gathers and read up on their issues, questions, and concerns. Write posts that address their problems or further their online conversations.

2. Report on Industry Events. You can focus on your local industry or a wider niche in your local area. Been to a seminar, networking event, or trade show recently? Embrace your inner journalist and provide news of the event. Share your observations and insights.

3. Research. Most industries are the subject of near constant research. Providing an overview of current research relevant to architecture can position you as an industry expert. When your potential clients have questions that are up your alley, they’ll be more likely to seek you out.

4. Case Studies. Let your work speak for you. Describe how you’ve solved problems for past or current clients. Don’t give away all your secrets, but share enough to show that you’ve got what it takes to address complex issues. A satisfied client’s story can go a long way to bringing you new clients.

5. Competitors. What’s your competition blogging about? If you’ve got an alternate take on an issue or can offer a solution to a problem they raise, you can differentiate yourself from others in your industry and grow your reputation too.

6. Mythbust! Are your clients operating under a misconception about architecture or your capabilities? No matter how small the issue at hand, it never hurts to educate your audience. A well-educated client base will make better decisions, and your firm—as the established experts—will be their go-to business for finding solutions.

7. Follow up. Expand on a previous post. You’ve likely got a few blog posts that generated more traffic or were shared more than your other content. If you have anything else to say on the topic, follow up with a part two (or three, or four…).  Your audience was obviously interested; it’s likely that they still are. Follow-ups remind your prospects of the content they previously found engaging and keep you on their radar.

The final point to make is that consistency is key. You don’t have to post daily, but you do have to post reliably. If you continually fall behind, try creating a content calendar to organize your architecture firm’s blogging efforts.

With a little organization and a healthy dose of inspiration, your architecture firm’s blog can maintain momentum and keep your content creation efforts—and your lead generation—consistent.

And if you find that this is one more task that you don’t have the time to meet, why not consider outsourcing this to a partner (just like me!) who can manage your marketing for you .

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