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Does email marketing work?

Many businesses view email as the junk mail of the digital age. Irrelevant, uninteresting and unwanted. Clogging up in-boxes or going straight to spam.

But again and again, as part of a marketing campaign,email more than pays for itself in the extra enquiries generated. And that’s something every business owner should be interested in.

No matter what the size of your business, email marketing can play a vital role in generating new enquiries. What other channel allows you to contact as many or as few of your prospects as you like, with the flexibility to send out your message almost instantly and at such low cost? Why doesn’t every business use email marketing?

Here’s a real example. We’ve recently worked with an Architectural Design and Project Management Practice targeting Schools and Academies. Our first campaign produced successful results and that convinced them to trust us and to test email marketing.

Imagine their delight (and ours) when the phone started ringing and emails arrived – all in response to their very first email campaign. 

These were all enquiries that without the email they might never have received. When you send interesting information to the relevant people it’s not junk. And email makes it easy for people to respond.

So if your business could also benefit from a few more enquiries, why not think again about email marketing - and call us in to help.

If you’re still not convinced read this excellent article from Copyblogger, content marketing experts

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