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The Importance of Branding

What is a brand?

Your brand is what identifies you to your customers. It’s part of what makes you stand out from the crowd (excellent products and outstanding services being others).

Many companies mistake a logo for their brand. Changing their brand is what happens when you change the logo. This is not the case.

A logo is the visual representation of your brand. It’s a convenient icon that allows instant recognition of your products and services above your competitors.

Logos vs Brands

Your brand should also include your business philosophy. Are you the friendliest, most polite, most efficient business, who always put customers first? Whatever your business philosophy it becomes enshrined in your company values. Other elements of a brand are the name, colours, strapline, music, language and tone.

Do your employees understand your brand values? If you’re not sure, try asking them. If you don’t get a clear, consistent and accurate answer then your customers are getting mixed messages as well.


We recommend you;
•    Identify your brand and what it stands for (brand values)
•    Create a mission statement that encompasses your brand values
•    Check that you stay true to your brand throughout the sales process
•    Look at your visual identity (that’s a logo to you and me). Does it accurately represent your brand and where you’d like to be?
•    Apply your brand rigorously and consistently across all your business touchpoints. It’s not enough to have it on your website and letterheads. Your brand should be included in how you answer the phone, how you package your goods and how you contact customers after the sale.

Improve on these points and watch the results on your sales performance. We know you’ll see the difference.

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