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Why companies should use case studies

Case studies put what you do into context. They show how your products or services have made a difference. But many companies fail to keep case studies up to date or won’t publish them at all. Barring confidentiality if you have happy customers then you should be shouting about it.

Case studies should contain three basic elements; the challenge, the solution and the benefits. How did your company rise to the challenge and provide a solution that worked above and beyond the clients initials expectations? 

Case studies illustrate the range of clients you work with, so potential clients can decide whether they fit your mix. Add to that strong testimonials and you have a powerful vehicle to convince prospects that you are the type of company they’d like to do business with.

What should a case study contain?
• Quick introduction to the client
• Brief outline of the project
• Why you were specifically appointed
• What unusual or unexpected difficulty you faced
• How you problem solved to overcome it (that’s the value added bit)
• What a difference this made to the client (how you made their lives so much better)
• What they say about it (glowing testimonial)
• Add a few images as a picture is worth 1,000 words, even when promoting a highly technical feature.

Remember you are not writing War & Peace. Keep it short. If they are interested in what you are saying invite them to contact you for more details. Interest and engage them but don’t bore them! And if you think your writing skills are not up for the job, employ a professional. We are always happy to help.

Where do I use a case study?
Case studies are hugely flexible. You can use them on your website; have pdf versions ready to email out; printed versions to hand or mail out; include them in brochures; post them on your social channels and ask others to comment on them; and you can turn them into press releases for wider distribution.

So if you are looking for one items to add to your marketing I’d recommend you refresh your case studies and watch the results come rolling in.

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