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The Orange Partnership

The Orange Partnership are Chartered Accountants specialising in construction and major projects.

When they wanted to widen their customer base to include construction projects for the NHS we were there to help develop their strategy.

The challenge was to raise awareness of their unique cost and contract assurance services and to establish a difference from traditional acountancy practices.

To communicate this potentially complex offering to an audience that was extremely difficult to reach - CEO's and Chief Finance officers within NHS Trusts - we selected direct mail supported by telemarketing and exhibition attendance. We used a very simple format but one that was oversized, with an A3 envelope and letter, to reflect the cost overruns and inflated budgets the Trusts were experiencing.

We achieved an initial response rate of 12% which within 6 months had converted to £200,000 worth of contracts.

"Alison provides us with practical next steps as to how we can engage with our markets and grow the business. Her independent viewpoint is invaluable."


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